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April 9th, 2010


I have finally updated Dusk, and incase anyone was wondering why it took me so long - god knows how long it was since I put up chapter 4; I figured I should explain; or attempt to.
So I did have chapter 5 pretty much all ready to be posted up; but I never did because I figured if I did that without having any of the other chapters written out already then it would just be left as is.  Which I didn't really want.
And also it's now going to have an OC, which would be interesting to see how that translates.

March 20th, 2010


So am planning on going to Auchi, was going to cosplay; Suigets from Naruto, Ulquiorra in casual wear from Bleach and Shinji Hirako as Captain of the 5th from Bleach.  I got into a conversation with a girl on the cosplay forum and expressed my wish to liking to do Ryou Bakura from Yu Gi Oh; and she asked me to do it because it would be awesome as she is planning on going as Yami Bakura.  So that is my new plan to go as Ryou instead of Suigetsu; just need to find a wig - well I have found it just need to buy it - and figure out what to wear.

My writing is all over the place, I am still writing Dusk, but I am doing it differently, it's like writing one-shots and giving off a basica idea of how they will all link togehter in a story rather than writing out a full story, I shall see how the rest of that goes.

Have just read the new Naruto chapter; and it's weird, my story Shades of Grey had Karin die in it, and in the manga it certain looked like she would; but now it's the eyes, which is a bit odd... coincidence me thinks.  LOL. 

February 18th, 2010


Viral Scar
So I have continued on with Shades of Red, although it won't be up on FF.Net for some time, I have begun much needed research for the Mizukage and Chojiro as well; although I appea to have more info on the former than the later.

Aside from that my work place has gone in an odd direction, my manager has handed in her notice today, she says she has give a month's notice but told me that she might leave early if she feels the need to.  She has lost the whole spar of Lush; which isn't overly surprising, I think she lost it some time ago, she regained it last Christmas, but after that I think to her it's just a job, nothing overly exciting or challenging any more.
So my trainee has begun her CV and covering letter to take on the role as manager; here's hoping she gets it!

January 30th, 2010

So... Fanfictions

I've been having moments, one time I am inspired and then the next I am not; but the odd thing is that although I begain writing Shades of Red (Sequal to Shades of Grey a Naruto fic) I think I lost the spark, the whole reason for my writing the story, I think I was doing it because it was there and I had nothing else to do.  However, now I have rediscovered the spark; although my problem is that I have beguin a new fanfic in the Bleach area called Dusk; which I have now put on pause because of Shades of Red.  LOL.  I am sure I shall go back to it again, possibly once SoR is done.

I am rather enjoying writing SoR, it's liking getting back to work with an old friend, all I need to do is do a biot more research on certain characters, like names (!) and characteristics and it should all be fine, my one problem is Suigetsu's brother, since he has never appeared in the manga and people know of him due to the data book... It might be that I shall make him a semi-OC character....

January 5th, 2010

I think I am ill

This is what happens when you work in a place that doesn't have any heating and during the Christmas period the management have done nothing about it.  Upon saying that I am not the only one who has been ill, another girl was ill last week, infact she phoned up saying that she didn't feel like she could come in, but my trainee said that she could come in at 12 and then she could leave; due to the other keyholder not being able to be reached.  She was off later in the week, on Wednsday, because she was that unwell; trainee called to ask if she would work on Saturday so that she could get her day off.  Aparently they had a wee kerfuffle on the phone about it, with the girl stating that she wasn't asking to swap shifts, but that she was ill.
Anyway, it's cold in work, really cold.  To the extent that we were almost putting on our coats.  It was warmer than it was inside, but not really by much.  Personally I don't think we should have been opened at all.  But no management around to say we shouldn't be in ect, nothing we can do.  One of the girls had said that the trainee had said that the manager told her to buy some heaters for the shop - it was never done.  The manager has returned to work today (my day off, yay!) and the trainee is off on a trip with the work.
It's just insane.  Am trying to find somewhere else to work -  like literally looking, and I did find somewhere, but have been told that they aren't that great to work for.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning, if I still feel like this I am going to take a sick day - there is no way I am going to go out in this weather and be frozen in work for 8 hours.
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January 2nd, 2010

I'm not 100% sure how I actually felt about David T's last ep; part of me enjoyed it, but another part of me was left feeling like it could have been more.  Minor SpoilrtCollapse ).  Instead, well it was funny how the 4 knocks were in relation to something else.

In any case, I am interested to see how Matt Smith compares to the past 2 Doctors, obviously David T has made the role his own, but to be honest if Christifer Eccleson had stayed on for a bit longer, I think he would have given the Doctor a change...

Just have to wait until spring!   Of course you could watch the trailer of the 11th Doctor:


January 1st, 2010

1 Word

Using only 1 word, fill in the answers :)

Not as easy as you think...especially if like me you use a lot of words when 1 would suffice >_>

> Where is your cell phone? Desk

> Your hair? Black

> Your mother? Sofa

> Your father ? Sofa

> Your favorite thing? Sweets

> Your dream last night? No

> Your favorite drink? Pepsi

> What room are you in? Study

> Your hobby? Knitting

> Your fear? Spiders

> Where do you want to be in 6 years? Flat

> Where were you last night? Here

> Something that you aren't? Slim

> Muffins? Yes

> Wish list item? Money

> Last thing you did? Type

> What are you wearing? Top

> TV? Dr

> Your pets? Gone

> Friends? Sleeping

> Your life? OK

> Your mood? Sleepy

> Missing someone? No

> Drinking? No

> Your car? No

> Something you're not wearing? Makeup

> Your favorite store? Osirus

> Your favorite color? Purple

> When is the last time you cried? Year

> Where do you go to over and over? Work

> Favorite place to eat? Pizza

> Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? Here

December 31st, 2009

Happy New Year!

Viral Scar
So 2009 is coming to a close; I can';t be the only one who is thinking that it's about time! (LOL).

I have a list of things to do in 2010:
Learn more about Lush green policies
Rosewood oil - is it actually sustainable?
Honey Bees?
Grow my own veg (or at least attempt to)
Knit sister's scarf
Save lots of money
If possible try to find more fulfilling job.
Try to get Shades of Grey started (Naruto fan fic)
Try to finish off Dusk (Bleach vampyre fic)

Anyway, happy 2010!
See you all next year!
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November 8th, 2009

Guess where I went To?


Zan, I was off to the Museum on Friday (took me a while to get the photo's) and saw the DR Who exhibition.  LOLPhotos!Collapse )

November 4th, 2009

All Righty

So, at the moment my mum is in hospital, went in yesterday - had a feeling she would have to go in, she was coughing reallly badly and she was compaining of chest pains, as well as the meds giving her a bad side effect of puking up.  At the moment my dad and wee sister are visiting her in hospital; I think - they should be back by now though... Hmm, maybe they stopped off at the shops?

Anyway, in other news I have decided to do NaNoWriMo.  Although unoffically.  So I am not registered to be part of it; mainly because it scares me, and because I'd rather do it myself than be involved in part of a community. 
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